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Hi, I am Shree

I am on a mission to transform 100,000 young overweight women to lose weight at the comfort of their home using the power of balanced diet with optimum nutrition to live a life of wellness.


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What My Students Say About Me...

I, who was once a chunky girl, lost 20.5kgs in 8 months under the keen guidance of my guiding light, Shree. A mentor is not just the one who shows the way but the one who walks with you till the finish line by making the route easier. Her encouragement and pampering has made me capable of what I boast off today.
Srestha Tripathy
The tenderness, care, supervision and hand-holding support you furnished me with has played a pivotal role in my transformation journey. There is a loss of 17kgs in 9 months and betterment of health. My heart would sing the song of gratitude for the lifetime having received you as my mentor.
Nistha Tripathy
"A good coach can change a game,a great coach can change a lyf". I can't imagine what things would be like if I hadn't met you. You have been my source of inspiration and motivation. Thank you for always inspiring me. Thank you Shree , having you as a mentor has changed my life for the better.
Rojalin Sahoo