Shree Jaya Laxmi

About Me

Hi, I am Shree Jaya Laxmi

I am a weight loss expert for young women. I have been in this Health and Wellness space for over 2 years now. I have helped over 60 people in losing weight and improving their lifestyle by providing personal coaching online.
I am the co-founder of this powerful community Beyond Fitness.

From my childhood I was an all rounder in my school, very good in academics, cultural activities and sports. I had special fondness for all kinds of sports. I have represented my school several times being in my School Basketball Team. But after I came in class 10th, due to my Father’s Transfer to a different state, I had change in school and due to the hype of Boards Examinations of class 10 and 12, I was asked to focus only on my studies and since then sports were long gone from my life and my life became very sedentary which continued for many years until I entered my Graduation.
From high school to college, I had become a chubby studious introvert girl, and my social circle was also reduced to few friends, my own family and my teachers and none of them told me I was putting on weight, I use to weigh 60kgs around at that point of time and instead of telling me that I am fat, they told me I am a “very healthy kid” followed by a cheek pull :). And I also believed in that pampered terminology of healthy and never paid attention to my body until I started to go for shopping of my clothes by myself.

In the malls, many a times, this use to happen that the dresses I liked to purchase, when I use to try them on, either it did not fit me or it will be appearing tight in my belly region making me look fat. This was very embarrassing. Also many a times my size of the dresses I liked were not available and I had to return empty handed or with compromised choices :(. As I was looking fat, I even stopped taking full size photographs of mine.


Also due to overweight I couldn’t sit for an hour to study with full focus, I found myself to be breathless if I climbed up stairs and was also catching cold more than usual. I felt I was lacking energy I use to have when I was in sports. Now, I couldn’t wake up early in the morning, I use to wake up at 8:30am on college days otherwise on holidays I use to wake-up around 10am, was going to bed late in night, was scrolling mobile as an excuse to fall asleep. Also during menstrual cycle, I use to have painful abdominal cramps due to which I didn’t feel like to get up from bed on those days and I realized along with getting fat, my internal health, my immunity has all gone for a toss as well.

I thought of getting in shape, so I checked my weight one day, and the scale was pointing beyond 69kgs, this scared me and I thought that if I didn’t do anything now, I’ll become more fat with passing time so I tried losing weight. I started to skip meals on some days, purposely started to eat less everyday, started exercising by myself watching some YouTube videos, downloaded some Free fitness apps, even tried tips given by people but nothing helped me to get in shape. Even I tried to go to gym one day myself but I couldn’t find energy to go to the next day.


After an year of all such unsuccessful energy draining attempts, and no change in weight, looking in the mirror I thought that may be I am going to stay like this forever and didn’t try anything further but during graduation, luckily through a very good friend of mine I got introduced to her Fitness Coach, a mentor who was an implementer, by attending his wellness seminar I understood in a deeper sense how we lose our health and settle for a comprised career and life in future. That day I understood that health is much more than appearance and also realized, everything that I had tried for losing weight was so wrong and felt pity on my body.

After the session was over, we did our dry weight check up and I found myself to be of 68.1kgs. Later in the day, I had my health counselling scheduled with my Coach and he told me I am around 15kgs overweight. This was shocking to me and was wondering even in a whole year I couldn’t lose a kilo, how would I lose this much!
But without any delay I joined his weight loss program and under his guidance, I lost 11 kgs in just 70 days and completed my fat loss transformation in just 96 days reaching ideal body fat & muscle percentage. I lost 14.1kgs of extra weight and 8 inches from my waistline and got a very healthy and active lifestyle in just 3 months.

During the transformation journey, my energy level increased, cramps during my menstrual cycle got reduced, it got in regular 28 day cycle and now I even Workout on those days, my sleep wake cycle got in track, I was waking up early in the morning effortlessly, my stamina increased, mentally got tough, emotionally got stronger and day’s productivity increased.

Seeing my wonderful transformation, people start to ask me how did I achieve this and that’s how I thought of helping people in their weight loss goals. Under the guidance of my coach I started assisting people in their weight loss journey. Enrolled in courses on Nutrition and with all the knowledge I gained and from my experience I started to train many more people online. With every success story of my clients, I get motivated to help more.

I love my role as a coach and now I am on a mission to help 100,000 young women for attaining complete wellness as its not just about being physically fit, its Beyond Fitness