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Top 10 Lifestyle Myths

There are too many myths in people’s mind about lifestyle. I have listed 10 out of those.
Here are Top 10 lifestyle myths,

1) Cholesterol is bad for you.
Many people believe that, cholesterol is bad for us. But actually it’s a myth.
Actually if the cholesterol level goes less than 160mg/dl then it causes anxiety, mood swings, depression etc.
An ideal cholesterol level
Enhances steroid hormone.
Helps liver in production of bile juice.
Necessary for immune system and brain.
This lifestyle myth is also known as “Deadliest health myth”.

2) Eating sugar causes diabetes.
Yes, it’s true that sugar causes diabetes. But not every type of sugar is responsible for diabetes. The sugar we get from fruits never cause diabetes. When we take more than 10% of calories of sugar in one day it triggers diabetes. Only processed sugar causes diabetes but there are also many other causes of it. Be aware of processed sugar but don’t avoid natural sugar because it’s essential for our body.

3) Egg yolks are bad for you.
Many people misunderstood that egg yolks are bad for our health. But actually eating albumin(white part) and yolk(yellow part) together gives our body a proper balance of protein, fat and calories.
Most importantly yolks have Phosvitin protein which reduces the inflammation causing compounds.
It also contains Sulphated glycopeptides which boost our immune system.
It also help in secretion of an essential amino acid Luetin which reduces the chance of decrease in eyesight.

4) Nutritional supplements are bad.
Almost 90% of people in world can’t get proper nutrition from there food. For them it’s necessary to take nutritional supplements. Because it helps in filling the gap and make a proper balance between food and supplements.
In market almost 60-70% percent supplements are adulterated. That’s why choose your supplement wisely.

5) If you are working out you can eat anything.
Most of the people think that if they are working out properly then they can eat anything and they will not gain weight. Also some people apply it in their real life. Whenever they eat something oily or spicy they workout more and they think that it will get adjusted.
But it’s not like that, like workout our diet is also an important element for living a healthy life.

6) Starving help in fat loss.
Many people believe this myth, that starving will help us in fatloss. But it doesn’t happen.
Actually I this process our energy decreases and metabolism get slowed down. Bone density also decreases. Starving or skipping a meal influence you to eat more in another meal which ultimately results in weight increase.
The process of fatloss involves losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass but in the process of starving we lose lean muscle mass which have too much bad effects on our body.

7) Shaving causes thicker and faster hair growth.
People suffering from hair loss always shave their head fully because they think that again more thicker hair will grow. But it not happen. Because our hairs are dead cells and it doesn’t affect anything if you cut it or shave it. It just a myth.

8) More proteins are bad for you.
People think that taking more protein causes in shortage of calcium and which causes Osteoporosis.
But fact is, for a normal person it’s necessary to take 1gm/kg body weight of protein daily.
And those persons who are doing more physical activities need to take 2-2.2gm/ kg body weight of protein daily.

9) Cracking your knuckles lead to Arthritis.
Cracking knuckles never cause arthritis, it just a lifestyle myth.
When we crack our knuckle the gap formed between two bones and under low pressure the Synovial fluid which surrounds the bone form bubbles. And as the pressure changes the bubbles changes which results in the formation of sound.

10) Microwave radiations damage the food.
If we are cooking food inside microwave then the nutritional value of that food decreases. If we are using microwave water then it is not suitable to drink and it may change our DNA. But these are all myths. Actually cooking food for longer time causes decrease in nutritional value but as it is cooked very fast inside a microwave that’s why that food have a good nutritional value.
Microwaves are not radioactive but it work by electromagnetic radiations. It uses radio frequency radiation which is not harmful for our body.

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